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Tablatures – One de U2

15 juin 2015

One est une chanson du groupe irlandais U2. Il s’agit du troisième single extrait de leur album Achtung Baby. La chanson raconte la séparation entre un homme et une femme et/ou d’un père et son fils séropositif.

Tablature One u2

Les accords guitare de One de U2

Am (x02210)
Dsus2 (xx0230)
Fmaj7 (xx3210)
    G (320003)
    C (x32010)

intro: Am  Dsus2  Fmaj7  G

Am              Dsus2    
  Is it getting better        
Fmaj7                   G
     Or do you feel the same
Am                Dsus2             
  Will it make it easier on you now
Fmaj7                      G
     you've got someone to blame

         C        Am        
you say   one love  one life
Fmaj7                  C
     when its one need  in the night
one love  we get to share it 
Fmaj7                         C              Am  Dsus2 Fmaj7 G
     it leaves you baby if you dont care for it

Am           Dsus2     
  Did I disappoint you
Fmaj7                            G
     Or leave a bad taste in your mouth
Am                       Dsus2   
  You act like you never had love
Fmaj7                          G
     and you want me to go without

         C        Am       
Well it's too late  tonight
Fmaj7                       C
     to drag the past out into the light
We're one, but we're  not the same
         Fmaj7                    C              
We get to     carry each other carry each other
  Am  Dsus2 Fmaj7 G

[ Tab from: http://www.guitaretab.com/u/u2/33112.html ]
Am                          Dsus2
  Have you come here for forgiveness?
Fmaj7                           G
     Have you come to raise the dead?
Am                           Dsus2
  Have you come here to play Jesus
Fmaj7                      G     
     To the lepers in your head?

C                  Am
 Did I ask too much  more than a lot
Fmaj7                            C
     You gave me nothing now it's all I got
We're one but we're  not the same
       Fmaj7                        C
Well we     hurt each other then we do it again

       C                   Am
You Say Love is a temple, Love a higher law
 C                 Am
Love is a temple, Love the higher law
    C                    G
You ask me to enter, but then you make me crawl
And I can't be holding on     to what you got
		     C           Am
When all you got is hurt one love  one blood
Fmaj7                    C
     One life you got to do what you should
        Am               Fmaj7       C 
One life  with each other     Sisters brothers
One life but we're  not the same
         Fmaj7                    C           
We get to     carry each other carry each other
  C  Am  Fmaj7  C     C  Am  Fmaj7  C
One    One          One    One

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